About the brand

Noro is a design studio based in sunny Athens, Greece created in 2021 by Christos Berdesis Andriopoulos. Noro is more than a simple portfolio of me, a showcase, or a service provider. Is an idea of a whole new perspective in digital and social media, e-commerce, graphic design, illustration, photography, videography and Copywriting.
Through my life, I can always remember myself being passionate about design of every kind. From small things to big ones. My studies in Computer Science and Graphic Design offered me the chance to endeavor and adapt this passion to today’s vast universe of digital media and world wide web.
I dream of Noro becoming an exclusive brand that could prosper throughout the vast European Marketplace. Hence, I am open to proposals for any kind of cooperation and business initiatives.
The one idea that Noro is undoubtedly connected to, is minimalism. I am convinced of the powerful sense of simplicity and modernism and I hope you could join me in this beautiful journey.
Take care and always give yourself the peace it asks for. 🙂