welcome to noro design studio

Keeping a design simple is keeping it alive and timeless.

A brief intro

Noro can adapt its identity in any request for design, weather is web, graphics, interface, product or content design. This unique identity arises from the modern movement of minimalism. Hence, Noro cannot create or imagine complex or over-stuffed digital designs; and this is not what is here for. It was born to bring out your idea bright and shiny to the crowd by speaking the most understood and beloved language in the world: simplicity.


Discover countless possibilities for your design needs.

Why choose noro


Reliability is what matters most in a work; thus by default this switch is on.


You will not find a more beautiful design than the one that's simple but clever.


Simple does not mean unnoticeable. It means crystal clear and eye-catching.


Minimalism is evergreen. Simplicity has no time neither will have in the future.

Discover a new language in design. It's called noro.

Are you convinced? Want to learn more, see more, get work done?